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December 21, 2007

Feeling your baby move

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Feeling those first flutters and kicks is one of the most amazing experiences of pregnancy.

When will I first feel my baby move? You’ll probably feel your baby move sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, even though she started moving at 7 or 8 weeks and you may have already witnessed her acrobatics if you’ve had an ultrasound. Veteran moms tend to notice those first subtle kicks and jabs — also known as “quickening” — earlier than first-time moms. (A woman who’s been pregnant before can more easily distinguish her baby’s movements from other belly rumblings, such as gas.) Your build may also have something to do with when you’ll be able to tell a left jab from a hunger pang. Thinner women tend to feel movement earlier.


Oh!  I can’t wait to feel Pookie!!!!!   I loved the feeling of Noah kicking and playing around in my tummy!!


November 6, 2007

I’m so sick of feeling sick!!!

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This “all day” sickness is really getting to me! About 80-90% of the time I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. I have a hard time getting anything done because when I’m up moving around I just want to puke! Yesterday I finally called my doctor’s office to ask if there is anything else I can do. After getting off the phone, Noah and I took a little ride to the pharmacy. I am now taking vitamin B6 four or so times a day. So far, I haven’t really noticed any difference. And I also have Emetrol to take; it’s supposed to help with the nausea, but I hate the taste of it, so it kind of defeats the purpose. Ick!!! I hope the B6 starts helping. Otherwise, I’m going to try some wrist band things that I’ve heard a little bit about.

As much as I love being pregnant, this sick feeling might just deter me from going thru it again!

October 11, 2007


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I keep hearing stories about women miscarrying their babies. It’s hard to keep staying excited when, in the back of my mind, I keep thinking that any day I could be not-pregnant again. 😦 I don’t know how women get past that! Pookie is only 5 weeks and a couple days old, but I already love him! I’ll be devistated if anything happens.

I want Noah to have a little sibling to play with. Jeremy and I saw a little baby at daycare this morning and my stomach just did a flip! I can’t wait to have a little tiny baby to hold again.

October 5, 2007

Feeling it a bit today

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I’m having bursts of “morning sickness” already. Mostly at night, but today I’m having it all morning. I feel blah! But it’s such a good blah because I know what it is. That sounds weird, but I know what I mean. God is giving us this baby. Anything I have to endure for him or her I will do. And I’ll try to do it with a smile because it is what it is.

There are some people who I want to tell so badly, but I won’t.

Unless… No, I won’t.

But if… NO! I WON’T!!!

Ugh! This is one of the hardest secrets to keep! I’m just so happy and I want to share my excitement!!!!!

October 4, 2007


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Jeremy and I are both so excited to be pregnant again! But we’re also nervous and scared to get too pumped up! We aren’t telling anyone yet. We’ll wait for a while. Probably until Thanksgiving at least. We’ve got our first doctor appointment scheduled for October 29th at 3:00. At that point, I’ll be around 8 weeks along. Baby’s nickname is Pookie.

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