Baby Hager

October 30, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

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Ten People Who I Can’t Wait To Tell:

1) The Grandmas and Grandpas! I think everyone will be so excited. We’ll be telling Joy and Tom first this time and my mom and dad a few days later. (Thanksgiving week)

2) The Aunts and Uncles – Carla (Brian), Clint, Joe & Kevin! Again, I think they’ll be so excited!!

3) Ryan and Noah! I really hope that Ryan will be excited. He’s so good with Noah and Noah just loves Ryan. I think they’ll both be great big brothers! I’ve actually confided in Noah a few times, but I get the feeling that he doesn’t understand what I’m talking about yet.

4) Kelly and Melissa! It’s been so hard keeping this a secret from them. I tell them everything. And I feel like I’ve been avoiding them a little bit lately because I think they’re going to notice…

5) Meagan! She was the first to know when I was pregnant with Noah. She helped me get thru my entire pregnancy! She is such a great friend!

6) Kristy! We get to be pregnant together-just 3 weeks apart!!!! It has been so hard keeping this secret from her! We talk about her pregnancy almost daily. It’s so hard not to just say, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

7) Brandee, Kari, Suzi & Toni! Then they’ll know why I’ve somewhat been avoiding them. When I tell them how sick I’ve been with morning all the time sickness, hopefully they’ll forgive me.

8 ) Rhonda! I just know that Rhonda will be so excited for us! She’s been a great friend to both me and Jeremy for years.

9) My boss, Melissa! I know she’ll be excited for us. I remember when I told her that I was pregnant with Noah, she got teared up. Plus then I can tell her how sick I’ve been feeling. And why lately I’ve been having some “crabby” days, some “sleepy” days, some “emotional” days, etc.

10) Our extended families. Who doesn’t love to hear about another baby?!?!


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